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Dear Buyers,

Are you feeling frustrated that you are looking and looking and not finding your "Home?" An interesting turn of events has created some opportunities for you as well that you may not think about and we know will surprise you (spoiler alert... 1% interest rate information, read on - YES Really...)

The rest of the message here is this, there are many programs that if you are into pre-planning your purchase in advance at least 6 months there are grant matching programs available to you (Save $1,000 with $3,000 match so you have $4,000 to put down!) and you don't have to pay those back;

AND/OR - City programs are helping with Down Payment Assistance as well as MSHDA and that is making it possible in cases to purchase when you are a little light for a down payment;

AND/OR - There are also loans with 1% interest rate possibility with the USDA if you qualify. Something else that might surprise you, the 1% loan is something that can be used in new construction even! And new construction is reachable now, even for the first time homebuyer. With local builders such as Allen Edwin constructing homes with prices as low as $110,900 and a 1% loan possibility, you could have a new home for as low as $356.70 per month plus taxes and insurance. IMAGINE THAT...

Be open to the possibility that you may need to compete aggressively to get your home when you find "IT". Offering higher than asking price is starting to sometimes become necessary as some of the banks are pricing the homes to incite aggressive bidding and competition. That being said, you might fight aggressively to get "the deal" only to find you've bought a home that needs thousands of dollars in upgrades. Think about that for a minute. You may have bought into something that is more expensive. Also you should know that "Short Sales" previously a real, true exercise in Extreme Patience for all parties concerned, are now moving along much faster and may be worth a second look.

We also want you to know that we do not charge you an administration fee to work with us as some of our competition does, but we also have so much knowledge we want to share with you in what is a very important life decision. We do not take that lightly, and are honored to help you with your purchase.

P.S. We also get paid our commission by the seller (or their short sale bank) so don't try and do this alone...

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Dave and Laura


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