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Dear Sellers,

You've heard it over and over... it's a buyers market and yes, that is still true. However, we have found an interesting Realty Surprise and it could not have been anticipated...

Sellers have become shy or reluctant to list their homes due to media depressing that market, but here's the newsflash... Buyers are still wanting to buy - interest rates have not been better - and due to the lack of homes for sale have begun to purchase new construction! That's right, new construction. That was a surprise to us as well, and while we are happy for that industry, we wondered if you knew that??

If you are in the position that you need assistance with a short sale, there's good news there too. The banks are finally beginning to assist Sellers (and we Realtors) more quickly, and even in some cases give financial assistance to help you move on and restart your life not being underwater. We want to be your light at the end of the tunnel, and we have the experience that you need to get this done and We Want Your Business! Call us or email us, we are honored to help you!!


Dave and Laura


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